***Ambiente Hotel Freieck
Almost 500 years ago, in 1575, the main building was built. It was 1825 the first “post” in Chur, where the horses were changed and could rest (today the bar Federal).
The building belongs to the original buildings from the old town of Chur, which have „survived“ several fires in the town. Although rebuilt several times (the last time in 2014) you can still see the various vaulted ceilings in the wide corridors of the ground floor, which are supported by thick retaining walls. Historical works in combination with modern interior design give a special ambience.
In the basement the retaining walls are even more substantial and the typical, thick, rounded ceiling structures in the building hint that wine must have been stored here in the past.
Today our modern kitchen is in the basement.
Since December 2006 (following a Feng-Shui consultation) we have realigned our non-smoking Restaurant and redesigned it for breakfast and also for dinner for our half board guests.
Our experienced team, under the management off the hosts and owners Martyn and Josiane Stockmann is looking forward to offer our guests a great and friendly service. Every stay in the Ambiente Hotel Freieck should remain a great memory for our guests.
„Hospitality is not a grocery store, but mutual respect, courtesy, kindness to ALL people of the world! „